Pest analysis of thorntons

Rational for Choosing the Brand 4. Flagship Store Environment Bibliography 1 Introduction This report aims to help Thorntons, which is a UK confectionary brand and mainly sells chocolate products, a successful move to the US market and launches of its flagship store there. The report will include a short rational for brand chosen, specify the city where the brand will move into, and provides a clear SWOT analysis of the Thorntons and one of its American competitors, PEST analysis will also be included in this report.

Pest analysis of thorntons

Examples of each are: Political - tax policies, trade restrictions, tariffs Economic - economic growth, interest rates, inflation rates Sociological - culture, health consciousness, age distribution Technological - ecological aspects, research and development, rate of technological change Legal - health and safety laws, consumer laws and regulations Environmental - recycling policies, pollution Why use a PESTLE analysis?

Strategic management is about formulating and implementing decisions which allow an organisation to achieve its long term objectives. This can be done ad-hoc, regularly or continuously scanning. Tesco is the giant of all supermarkets due to its UK dominance. Retail analysts have identified three main reasons for this.

Each external factor would have been and continues to be examined and categorised in terms of whether its implication is negative or positive, large or minor significance, intermittent or continuous impact and so on.

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Pest analysis of thorntons, the credit crunch may lead to higher numbers of unemployment. As one of the largest and fastest growing retailers more jobs will be available with TESCO therefore helping to reduce the levels of unemployment.


A PESTLE analysis is therefore useful in keeping TESCO up to date with their environmental surroundings, for example, realising in advance that we were heading for a recession would have helped them to plan ahead. There are policies as well as laws and regulations governing monopolies and competition which would be identified though a PESTLE analysis.

Protecting consumers and ensuring that entrepreneurs have the opportunity to compete in the market economy are important within consumer law.

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Due to the current state of the economy, many small businesses are failing and many unable to enter the market. Under EU law, there is presumption that an organisation with a large market share is dominant.

The concerns with this are that quality of products and services will slip and there is a risk of paying higher prices. TESCO to date has not been assessed as posing a risk of exploitation but should bear this in mind.

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In addition, planning permission is an issue that TESCO seriously need to be aware of due to their continued expansion. Planning permission is heavily regulated in the UK. With the economy being as it is at present, TESCO are fortunate that they have not been as badly affected as some retailers by the recession.

TESCO have branded themselves as selling to everyone and therefore offer a range of products and services from Value to Finest prices thus appealing to all segments of the market. Naturally there is therefore a demand for new goods for example, the career minded professional who is a single person.

This has seen a rise in the meals for one or quick microwaveable meals to make cooking quick and easy for those always on the go.

Technological factors which have perhaps had the most impact on TESCO has been the growth in the use of the internet. They have capitalised on the use of online shopping and provide a delivery service through their website at www. They also encourage their customers to make low carbon choices.

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About this resource This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.Noise Analysis IPM Integrated Pest Management. LUC Larimer County Land Use Code. Thornton is proposing to construct, operate, and maintain the TWP, which includes up to approximately 26 miles of a buried inch water pipeline and associated appurtenances in.

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Pest analysis of thorntons

The firm has a solid and loyal customer base in a market that has experienced constant but slowing growth in recent years. Carder stated, “The acquisition of Thornton Pest Control is a perfect fit for Active Pest Control as it gives us a strong presence in the growing Floyd County/Rome market.

Combining Actives marketing prowess and operational capabilities with Thornton’s customer base will allow for both rapid new customer growth and expanded services for. Thorntons directors, including chairman Paul Wilkinson, and the departing chief executive, Jonathan Hart, have already sold Ferrero shares equivalent to % of the company.

Shop Thornton First While holiday shopping, make sure you Shop Thornton First when looking for that special something for yourself or someone else.

Pest analysis of thorntons
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