Beekeeping essay contest

They provide a vital ecological service by pollinating agricultural, garden and native plants. Explore more about these fascinating insects by participating in the North Carolina 4-H Beekeeping Essay contest. The essay provides a platform for youth to creatively express their working knowledge and research of the craft of beekeeping.

Beekeeping essay contest

Each State winner will move forward to to compete on the national level. Cash Prizes to the top 3 National Winners: Rules and Regulations Contest is open to active 4-H Club members only. Requirements failure to meet any one requirement disqualifies the essay Write on the designated subject only.

All factual statements must be referenced with bibliographical-style endnotes. A brief biographical sketch of the essayist, including date of birth, gender, complete mailing address,email address, and telephone number must accompany the essay. Length — the essay proper: Preparation for National Judging: Prepare your essays double-spaced, pt.

Times or similar type style, following standard manuscript format. Submit as a Microsoft Word compatible document. Essays will be judged on: Individual essayists should not forward essays directly to the Foundation office.


Each state may submit only one entry. The National Winner will be announced by the week of May 1st. All National entries become the property of the Foundation and may be published or used as it sees fit. No essay will be returned. National winning essays will be posted at:Honey Run Apiaries and Busy B Realty are pleased to announce the Young Beekeeper Essay contest!..

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Open to all youth ages 10 to 17 in Ohio. Deadline for entry is April 8th Essay must be at least words on one of the following topics. beekeeping essay contest Each year, Georgia 4-H and the University of Georgia’s Entomology Department organize the 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest.

This contest is a national competition offered by the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc.

Beekeeping essay contest

ARISTAIOS (Aristaeus) was the rustic god of shepherds and cheesemaking, beekeeping, honey and honey-mead, olive growing and oil milling, medicinal herbs, hunting, and the Etesian winds which provided some respite from the scorching heat of midsummer.

Event: State – Beekeeping Essay Contest Winners will be announced the week of March 5, The Essay Topic has been announced by The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc.

This year’s topic is. The 4-H program is a partnership between the land grant university system and non-profit support groups.

Poster and Essay Contest

When you make a tax-deductible donation to our county or club 4-H organizations, % of your donation goes towards programming. Essay Topic: “What's So Super About the Super Organism in the Honey Bee?” The honey bee continues to be on everyone’s mind.

From beekeepers to scientists to the public, the honey bee is a great super organism.

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